Sports at Beckbury

We celebrate our Sporting Achievements at Beckbury

Bronze Ambassadors and Active Leaders 2020

A huge well done to our Year 6 children who undertook a days training at Beckbury School to become a Bronze Ambassador or Active Leader. This means we have children in the school trained to lead playground games, organise Level 1 competitions within the school and use pupil voice to change and develop Sports at Beckbury. They will now be working with Mr Davies from Idsall in their first stages of leading at school. 


Pioneers 2020

Our Year 6 children had a fantastic time at Pioneers this year. They took part in a range of activities such as rock climbing, archery, abseiling, obstacle courses and many more!


Kingswood 2020

Our Year 4 children had a brilliant time at Kingswood this year. They showed great determination and resilience and took part in many activities including caving and gorge walking. 




Sports Premium 2019- 2020

Government Sport Premium Funding

The school has been in receipt of additional government funding specified as 'Sport Premium' since its introduction in September 2013.  Schools are free to spend the Sport Premium as they see fit since they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for all the pupils within their responsibility. This extra funding must be spent on Physical Education and school sport. As a school we will be held accountable for how we have used the additional funding and from April 2014 we are required to publish online information regarding how we have used the Sport’s Premium and the impact it has made. To meet this requirement the following information has been produced which sets out the amount of Sport Premium we will receive and how we intend to use it. We aim to utilise this extra funding to improve all aspects of Physical Activity. These include: maximising pupil progress, increasing participation in sport, professional development of staff and to help all our pupils to develop healthy lifestyles and positive attitudes towards Physical Education. 

Sports Coaches

The children have the chance to be taught PE by a sports coach from Idsall School. 

Key stage 1 took part in gymnastics in the Spring Term with Miss Welch. They learnt to show their sequence of movement to a high standard, travelling in different ways as well as a variety of different rolls.

Key stage 2 moved outside to orienteering across our school grounds. Children were challenged to complete maps and find routes to certain markers by using their map reading skills.