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Friday 19th October 2018

Harvest Celebration


Thank you to everyone who came to support our harvest celebration this morning. The children came ready to share all of their harvest learning. We heard about pumpkins from Wrekin class, the story of Stone Soup from Malvern class and some important messages from Brecon class and how we can learn about harvest through the very vegetables that grow.


Friday 19th October 2018

Events at Beckbury

For a list of events at Beckbury, please see our newsletter (dated 19th October) in our newsletter section of the website.

Thank you.

Tuesday 18th September 2018

Congratulations to Sam!

Sam has taken part in a reading challenge over the summer holidays and it is fantastic to see him pictured here below in the local paper. Well done Sam on your achievement!


Wednesday 20th June 2018

Crops for Shops
A big thank you to Gardening Club for providing crops to the Beckbury Community Shop. The children did some learning to find out what we'd like to see in the shop as well as some art work to show what fruits the children would like. 





Thursday 24th May 2018


Monday 21st May 2018

The Royal Wedding Tea Party

The children enjoyed a fantastic day of Royal Wedding themed activities in their classes. Children prepared their own tea plate, sandwiches and cakes ready to celebrate with our parents and Friendship Group in Beckbury. We had a lovely tea party in the sun on the school field. Thank you for a memorable afternoon celebrating with us. 




Wednesday 2nd May 2018

Top of the Times Tables!


Four pupils from Beckbury were selected as “Top of their Class” at the Spring Term Multiplication Competition and went through to the final held at St Mary’s Bluecoat Primary in Bridgnorth.  Here are the finalists who came top in their schools and represented their year groups with terrific recall of their times tables in a final full of tricky questions:


Beckbury Finalists at the Spring Slam with Mrs Holt and Mrs Blackford:


St Marys: Charlie, Jack, Billy, Oliver

Worfield: Rebecca, Christopher, Oliver, Isaac 

Beckbury: Jessica, Dominic, Alexcey, Jack


The final consisted of a mixture of fun games and warm up activities before the final rounds took place.  Mrs Holt, Director of Teaching and Learning said "Knowing times tables is an essential part of being successful in maths and the Spring Slam was a great way for all the children to learn their tables in a fun and competitive way."

Mrs Blackford is the federation governor for maths and has a successful background as a maths teacher, who always takes a keen interest in promoting maths, entertained the children with a poem about times tables that she had learnt as a child at school! Mrs Blackford said, “The finalists had worked so hard at learning their tables and were the best from each School from across the Trinity Federation it was lovely to see they were all eager, excited and full of trepidation”

I wonder who will be 2019 Champions? It could be you!

Thursday 1st March 2018

World Book Day 2018

"The more things you read, the more things you'll know. The more things you know the more places you'll go!"   ~~Dr. Seuss


Thank you to parents and carers that have provided children with costumes for this special day. Each class took on a theme this year. Oak Tree Class dressed up as characters from traditional tales, Chestnut Tree Class were characters from myths and legends and Blossom Tree Class were historical characters.

 We have had Roman soldiers, Persephone, Medusa, Julieus Caesar, King Arthur, Egyptian Godesses and many more! The children have had a fantastic day listening to stories, creating their own stories, reading with buddies and taking part in fun filled reading activities.

Our winners for the best costumes are listed below. Well done to everyone - the decision was very hard!

Nursery - Dougie

Reception - Toby

Chestnut Tree Class - Patrick

Blossom Tree Class - Connie

The winners had their certificates as well as a choice of a lovely book to take home.

Tuesday 13th February 2018

Pancake Flipping Competition

A huge thank you to organisers and parents that held the pancake flipping competition and cake sale to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. The children had lots of fun seeing how many flips of a pancake could be done as well as enjoying a selection of home made cakes and refreshments. A huge thank you for your continued support.



Thursday 8th February 2018

Nursery and Reception's Traditional Tales Workshop


The children had a wonderful time dressing up for their traditional tales workshop. The children enjoyed a morning of fun filled activities to learn more about traditional tales, characters in a story, settings of a story and much more!



Tuesday 6th February 2018

Safer Internet Day: Create, Connect, Share, Respect

A wealth of real life knowledge and experiences were grasped and shared throughout Safer Internet Day with the theme of Create, Connect, Share, Respect. Children paused their typical routine to come together as a school to collect their thoughts and learning on being a safe internet user.


Skills such as coding, debugging and creating algorithms were used to aid the children’s e-safety knowledge. Children worked together across Reception to Year 6 to make sure everybody understood the message of this special day.


The children were also encouraged to look at their own digital footprint; an invaluable activity that highlighted the use of the internet in a young person’s life. It was important for children to share their own experiences and learn from each other as well as being part of a fun, engaging day. A highlight was our hashtag chalking on the playground with some of the best hashtags remembered for a very long time.

#Beckburyrules #Iamsafeontheinternet #happy

Friday 19th January 2018

Key Stage 2 World War 2 Evacuee Day

The children have enjoyed working today as evacuees from WW2. They have taken part in a variety of activities to deepen their understanding of what life would have been like growing up in WW2 Britain. The children were even able to cook using rationed ingredients!


Wednesday 10th January 2018

Key Stage 1 Egyptian Day

Many thanks to parents and carers for such a super job on creating Egyptian costumes for our special topic day today.

The children were able to interact with artefacts, pictures and models and had a fantastic time understanding the process of mummification. Children had chance to dress up and understand the structure of life in Egypt.

Tuesday 5th December 2017

Key Stage 1 Performance of Whoops-a-daisy Angel


The children fron Nursery, Year 1, 2 and 3 came together to perform their nativity play to our supporting parents on Tuesday. The children as young as 2 years old sang songs, remembered lines and performed as a team in a wonderful performance that we are all so proud of. Thank you to the parents for providing costumes and well done children for such a brilliant play.

Friday 1st December 2017

The Power of One


Beckbury Primary School welcomed The Power of One drama performance as a finale to all of our learning within Anti-bullying week. The children loved the performance with lots of chances to get up and act out feelings and scenarios. Thank you!

Sunday 23rd April 2017

RAF Walk Sunday 23rd April 2017

The Beckbury School Association organised refreshments served from the school for all of those tired RAF walkers on Sunday. The BSA raised money to support the children in their learning and it was a fantastic team effort. Many thanks to everyone who helped. Your support is gratefully appreciated.



Tuesday 7th February 2017

Safer Internet Day

The children learnt a lot on this year's Safer Internet Day. This year the focus was on using images safely online and we had a super morning taking part in a range of activities designed to keep our own images and other's images safe when we are online. This ties in with our E-safety policy and our E-safety lessons that take place all year around.