About our school

Beckbury Church of England Primary School and nursery is situated in a beautiful rural setting on the southern edge of Beckbury Village. The school is at the heart of the local parish community and serves a large rural area covering Beckbury, Badger, Grindle, Kemberton and Ryton as well as attracting children from nearby towns.

We are proud of the family atmosphere of our school. The children are happy, secure and well motivated. They are encouraged to be independent, kind to one another and to care for their surroundings.

The school is set in delightful grounds, with a large garden area, school sports field, playground space marked with children's games, a fenced early years play area and a fenced wildlife area and pond. In recent years the children have been involved in planning and building an enlarged vegetable garden complete with polytunnel and potting shed and a quiet garden. These are maintained by the children. The school is surrounded by open countryside.

Our school, one of the oldest in the County, is steeped in history with the original school building dating back to 1850. It is now used for Collective Worship, music, some PE, drama and extra curricular activities.

The main school buildings provide modern facilities which include three classrooms and our own school kitchen. Each classroom is well equipped with modern technology to enhance learning. Each classroom benefits from an interactive whiteboard, computers, a visualiser and a well stocked library. The school also uses a bank of laptops, photographic equipment and recording devices to extend ICT facilities.

Our Mission Statement

Beckbury Church of England Primary School seeks to develop the potential of all our pupils within a secure family environment. Christian values underpin the ethos of our school. We enjoy strong links between school, church, home and local community.


Our Curriculum Statement

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